Jadestone Africa Travels is a tours and travel company based in Kenya.

Our trips are planned around great passion, adventure, learning, conservation, and sustainability. We believe in exploring the world with desire and wanderlust.

We expertly match travelers to trips based on interests and budget, often creating fully customized itineraries that suit the customer’s interests

Also our trips are crafted to challenge our clients with adventurous experiences and to connect you to the people, culture and spirit of the destinations you are visiting. With our passion for sustainable travel we encourage clients to leave their legacy in Africa by incorporating conservation and community experiences.

We bring together the best of luxurious nights and adventurous days to satisfy our clients’ need for thrills in Africa as well as understanding their needs for the finer things in life. This means that nothing in our trips is designed by accident, every transfer, lodge and route has been crafted specifically for the best possible experience.

We focus to provide quality service to our customers, with positive travel experiences.

Travel is the feelings you bring back with you, and that’s exactly what we focus on.


Partnership with SafariBookings

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with SafariBookings (https://www.safaribookings.com), a leading platform for safari bookings. This collaboration enhances our commitment to providing you with exceptional safari experiences and a seamless booking process.
Explore the beauty of Africa with Jadestone Africa Travels and SafariBookings.

Flexibility and value for money


Jadestone  Africa Travels is flexible. We provide prospective clients what they wish and at a price that meets their budget.

We offer custom-designed trips for the client depending on the time of the year and budget. We are committed to providing a safari reminiscent of what captivates you about Africa.


Responsible Tourism


We create opportunities for you to truly engage with the people, culture and spirit of your destination. To us sustainable tourism is the one way that can add value to the culture, community and conservation. We strive to act in an ethical, transparent and responsible way.

Sustainability and Social Mission

We are involved in projects that benefit ecosystems and wildlife, communities and cultures. Guests can meet local people making a difference in their communities.

We believe that making a difference starts within our company culture and that it is our responsibility to extend this to our clients as well as everyone we associate ourselves with. Sustainable travel is of utmost importance to us in order to preserve Africa’s wildlife and to empower local communities, which is the driving factor behind our trips which encourages our guests to leave a positive legacy when traveling to Africa.

Our Legacy Program is collaborations with locals in Kenya especially the Masai community on gender hygiene and provision of sanitary towels for the school going girls.


To provide unique and memorable experiences through nature-based travel that educate, entertain, inspire, and provide participants with opportunities to directly contribute to conservation.

We have introduced steel water bottles for all guests so as to reduce the use of plastic.


Our vision is to be one of the best sustainable tours and Travel Company in Africa by offering authentic experiences that positively impacts the local communities and the environment.


Core Values
Integrity, quality, service, reliability, excellence and teamwork are our core values.