Do you know why Kenya ?? is called magical Kenya? There are so many reasons, but I will highlight a few.

– Kenya offers a picture perfect coastal areas, beautiful forests all over, the lakes that birds habitat, like the pink flamingos oh, they are just gorgeous ?❤ you will love their long legs and pink features.

– mountains and valleys. Home to the great rift valley caldera, the view from the top is amazing and fascinating. It is also the home to the 2nd highest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro.

– the abundance of the birds ?and the wildlife is just magical how they live in parks conservancies and the national reserve unfenced but they keep distance from communities within.


What is Kenyan visit without a safari? Safari is a swahili word meaning expedition.

During your safari you get to trail the wildlife in the parks or national reserves, watch them hunt and get hunted, surviving is for the fittest among the wildlife.

Apart from the wildlife experience, we have thousands and thousands of birds ?species, Kenya is famously known for. Birdwatchers will get an experience of a lifetime, professional photographers camp in the camps for such an experience.


Wildebeests seen crossing the mara river

The great migration.

The great wildebeest migration is the 8th wonder of the world ?. How amazing is that. We call it the wildlife cross-country. Its an an amazing thing to watch and learn about. You don’t want to miss. This happens around July through to end of September.


Kenya is blessed with communities with very rich culture and diversity. Most of this people have lived all their lives near the reserves with the wildlife. Come to Kenya and experience the beautiful stories.


Need to get away from the winter seasons and harsh weather’s? Kenya is the place to be. When you experience the Kenyan beaches, you might want to settle here. Take a walk along the beach at the shores of Indian ocean. Its also a home to several islands ?. Among the beaches are diani beach, lamu island, watamu beach, malindi beach among others.


Here at Jadestone Africa Travels we focus on sustainable tourism. We allow you to interact with the people and the community here in Kenya. You will love them, the warm welcome, the music the ornaments they are lovely people who love visitors.


OH, talk about the tasty meals in different communities? You will love it. From roast meat we call it nyama choma, pilau a swahili dish, ugali made from corn ?flour your taste burds will be taken care of.

8. THE BIG 5.

– elephant ?

– rhino

– lion ?

– buffalo ?

– leopard ?


Sleeping in the wild with the sounds of the wildlife or watching the stars while in bed is such an experience. Come and experience Kenya in a totally different way.


Best coffee, best tea, best cotton, best honey, healthy avocados, all the quality agricultural produce Kenya has.


Famous for being the place where the earliest sign of human life was discovered by Lois and Mary Leaky, the fossilized bones are believed to be over 4.2 Million years old. amazing don’t you think?

Well, those are just a few things. You cannot exhaust the beauty and destinations in Kenya. Make a point to visit Kenya. We customize your itinerary and advice you accordingly. Don’t break your bank we work with your budget, Kenya is affordable.


The great migration.

The GREAT WILDEBEESTS MIGRATION was voted the 8th wonder of the world in 2007.

Did you know that? It is an amazing experience like no other.

Each year from July, masai mara national reserve hosts the great wildebeest migration. It brings more than 1.3 wildebeest into a single massive herd. At the mara river they mass together before plunging into the waters to cross on the other side. They fights against the raging waters and the awaiting crocodiles which are rated the biggest crocodiles in the world. By the time they are leaving the masai mara they will have deposited over 60000 tones of dung.

Fact you need to know about the great migration.

1. Over 1.5 million wildebeest, 200,00 zebra and a host of other antelope travelling cross country.

2. Between January and March, half a million wildebeest are born each year in the Serengeti. In February, the month with the highest calving rate, around 8,000 wildebeest are born each day.

3. The Great Migration is the largest migration in the world. The animals travel a total of 800km or more.

4. The wildebeests travel together to overcome obstacles.

5. The reason why zebra and wildebeest graze together it is said that they eat different parts of the same grass. Amazing.

6. They have no natural leader. They end up splitting into small herds especially when they are grazing.

7. During the migration around 250,000 wildebeest and 30,000 zebra are killed as a result of predation by carnivores, but also from thirst, hunger, and exhaustion.